Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Search Engine Ranking SEO for your home based business

If you are looking to promote your business online it will be important to get your search engine ranking (SEO) if you want to advertise your home based business for free.

One of the best ways to get free listings in google is to have a blog, there are many free options around for blogs, be carefull to read the terms and conditions as some blogging platforms don't allow you to promote a business, it happened to me a few years ago, I had a blog that was ranking on google on page 1 and I was getting 10-15 leads a day from it. One day it suddenly dissapeared and my daily leads ground to a abrupt halt.

I would recomend you use Blogger or Wordpress.

Here are some of my top tips for blogging.

Before you even start your blog you should do some keyword research.

Go to https://adwords.google.co.uk/select/KeywordToolExternal with this tool you can type in your keyword and google will give you all the search terms being used. Look for a long tail keywords.

An example of a long tailed keywords is
"search engine ranking" this keyword phrase has had 12,000 searches within the month, you want to be using keywords with a search volume between 12,000 - 20,000.

Once you have decided on your main keywords then us these to choose the url of your blog, the name of your blog and use it also in the title of your blog and in the labels for your posts.

Also look at additional keywords for your actual post.

Content is king! you need to write a post of around 500 words, using keywords at the begining, don't go crazy or google with view it as spamming, its best to write your post first for humans and then go back and keyword it for spiders!

You should be posting to your blog daily, adding content like pictures and you tube videos.

Watch out for more top tips on Search Engine Ranking!

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